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We are no longer accepting responses until 22nd September 2022.
Your Infinity Plan will be upgraded automatically on 1st October 2022 as per below:


Please verify your Land Line Number to proceed


Have some questions?

1. Will I be charged extra for this upgrade?

No, your monthly bill will remain the same as your plans are upgraded for FREE!

2. When will my upgrade take place?

If you submitted your upgrade choice (between SuperSpeed or SuperSize) before 28th August 2022 – your plan will automatically be upgraded on 2nd September 2022.

Any submission after 28th August 2022, the upgrade will take place on 1st October 2022.

3. How will I know if I’ve been upgraded?

After you have already submitted your upgrade choice, we will send you an email as a confirmation.

We will send you another notification via SMS to inform you that your plan has successfully been upgraded.

4. What will happen if I don’t submit my upgrade choice?

If we don’t receive any response from you by 22nd September 2022, your plan will automatically be upgraded as below:

6. Is this a permanent upgrade to my Infinity plan?

Yes! You can enjoy the newly upgraded Infinity plan and enjoy our SUPERSPEED or SUPERSIZE experience.

7. Where can I check to see if my plan has been upgraded?

You can check your SUPERSIZE Infinity plan via the MyDST app or check your SUPERSPEED upgrade by doing a Speed Test.

8. How do I perform a Speed Test on my Infinity?

You will need to connect your laptop to your Infinity router with a LAN cable and check your speed via speedtest.net

9. Will I be able to change my Infinity plan from SuperSpeed to SuperSize (vice versa)?

You can upgrade your Infinity to a higher plan and choose SuperSpeed or SuperSize via the MyDST app or by calling our DSTCare 151

*Additional deposit applies for any upgrades.

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