Freedom Mobile Broadband

Staying connected is one thing but being able to stay connected when you’re on the move? Now that’s Freedom!

Freedom 18
$18 / month
Freedom 28
$28 / month
Freedom 48
$48 / month

Note: Data access will be suspended upon exhaustion of bundle data. DST fair usage policy applies. Access can be resumed upon purchase of Add on.

Terms & Conditions apply

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s new
1. What’s new with the new Freedom plans?

Freedom has TWO(2) new plans;

  1. Freedom 28 – 10GB
  2. Freedom 48 – 25GB
2. Are the new Freedom plans a promotion?

No, as of 12th August 2020, these plans are the newly introduced Freedom plans for you to enjoy

3. I am currently subscribed to Freedom 38; will my plan be affected?

No, there are no changes made to Freedom 38, you can still use it as usual. Same goes for Freedom 63 subscribers.

4. Are there any specific requirements to Switch to DST?

If you are currently in a Postpaid plan from other service provider and planning to subscribe to our Freedom service, make sure you do not have any overdue outstanding bill (outstanding more than 30 days) with your current service provider.  You can still subscribe to our Freedom service if your outstanding bill is still not due (meaning outstanding less than 30 days).

If you are currently in a Prepaid Plan from the other service provider, you will lose your existing credit balance when you subscribe to our Freedom service.

Mobile Broadband
1. What is Mobile Broadband?

It is a wireless Internet access through a portable modem, USB wireless modem, Tablet/Smartphone or any other mobile device.

2. What is Freedom?

Freedom is the new Mobile Broadband service offered by DST. It’s easy, portable and convenient to bring anywhere.

1. How much is the registration fee?
One-Month Advance Rental $18 $28 $48
Deposit Local Personal:  $18

Foreign Personal: $36

Local Personal:  $28

Foreign Personal: $56

Local Personal:  $48

Foreign Personal: $96

2. Where can I register to Freedom?

You can register to our Freedom plans at;

  • DST Exclusive Dealers and Vendors
  • DST Authorised Sales Agents
3. What documents do I need to have to register to Freedom?

Please refer below for the documents you will need to provide to register to Freedom;


Valid Identification Card (IC) / Passport


  1. Valid Identification Card (IC) that will not expire in less than 3 months OR Passport with a valid work pass/permit that will not expire in less than 3 months, sighted and copied
  2. Self-employed applicants must provide their Company Certificate of Registration and Section 16 & 17 (for Business Only)
4. What will I receive when I register to Freedom?

You will be given a new Freedom SIM card.


Note: No devices will be provided with our Freedom Plans.

Bill Payment
1. Where can I pay my Freedom bills?

You can pay your bills via;

  1. DST Branches
  2. MyDST App
  3. MyDST website at
2. When will I receive my bill?

Regardless of your registration date, you will be billed on the 1st day of every month. Please be sure to pay you bills promptly to experience an uninterrupted Internet service.

3. What happens if I don’t pay my bill on time?

You will be charged with a late penalty fee and if you have reached the credit limit, your Freedom service will be barred.

1. Where can I check my monthly local data bundle usage?

You can check your local data bundle by dialing the USSD code *401# or via MyDST app and website at

2. What are the USSD codes I need to be aware of?

Dial the USSD code below to;

  1. Check your data balance – *401#
  2. Check your current bill – *402#
  3. Purchase and check add-on data packages – *433#
3. What will happen if I have fully utilized monthly local data bundle?

Once you have fully utilised your monthly local data bundle, your Internet connection will be suspended.

Note: You can purchase an add-on data package to continue using our Freedom service.

4. Will I be notified if I have fully utilized my monthly local data bundle?

Yes, you will be notified via an SMS notification once you have utilised your monthly local data bundle by 80% and once again, when you have fully utilised it (100%).

Check out our Freedom add-ons!

Switch to Limitless
Connectivity with DST

Switch to Limitless
Connectivity with DST

Have a new and better experience with your Existing Number.
All in just a few clicks.

Have a new and better experience
with your Existing Number
All in just a few clicks