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Unlimited local calls and local SMS shall be used for personal consumption only. Any usage for commercial purposes relating to any advertising, promotion, selling of goods or services are not allowed. Such usage will be charged at DST’s prevailing rates

*Mobi 80 is unlimited plan for voice, SMS and local data. Upon usage reaching 65GB data speed will be regulated to no higher than 512Kbps. Data remains unlimited without any additional charges. Fair Usage Policy applies. Click here for DST Fair Usage . Terms & Conditions Apply. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Supersized Mobi Plans

1. What are the participating plans for the Mobi Supersized?

Mobi 30 and Mobi 50. Mobi 30 local data bundle has been supersized from 10GB to 15GB and Mobi 50 has been supersized from 20GB to 30GB.

2. Who is entitled for these Supersized plans?

These Supersized Mobi plans are for new, port-in (Switch to DST) and existing Mobi 30 and Mobi 50 subscribers. Applicable for both contract and non-contract subscribers.

3. When does the upgrade take place?

Effective as of 9th April 2021.

4. How do I get this upgrade?

You don’t have to visit our branch, you don’t have to do a thing; your Mobi will be upgraded automatically. Enjoy!

5. Are there any charges for the upgrade?

No. The upgrade is free, no additional costs.

6. Am I still paying the same monthly subscription fee?

Yes, the price stays as it is. $30 for Mobi 30 and $50 for Mobi 50.

7. Why am I getting this upgrade?

This is our way of thanking you for choosing DST.

8. Is this a permanent upgrade to Mobi 30 and Mobi 50 plans?

Yes. Existing Mobi subscribers will permanently enjoy the data increase. New customers are welcome!

9. How do I know I’ve been upgraded?

You will be notified via SMS informing that your Mobi plan has been upgraded and you can log in to MyDST to view your updated information.

10. How about Mobi 80?

Mobi 80 has not been supersized. However, Mobi 80 remains as the biggest postpaid data plan in the range.

11. If I have already used up my data from my existing 10GB local data bundle of my Mobi 30, will I still be entitled to get the SuperSized 15GB local data bundle?

Yes. You will be entitled for the SuperSized local data bundle. For example, if you have already used 5GB, your remaining local data balance will be 7GB instead of 5GB. Your local data bundle will be automatically increased from 10GB to 15GB.

12. I have fully utilized my existing local data bundle; will I be entitled to get the Supersized local data bundle?

Yes. The additional data quota will be added. For example, if you have fully utilized your 10GB of Mobi 30 data bundle, 5GB will be added to your MOBI 30 local data bundle.

13. I have fully utilized my existing local data bundle and have been charged by pay-per-use basis. What will happen to my bill charges and data once my Mobi plan is Supersized?

The pay-per-use usage data will still be charged and reflected to your bill, as the data usage incurred before your plan has been Supersized. The good news is, once Supersized takes effect, you will get the remaining of the Supersized data e.g you will receive the upgraded data quota of 5GB if you are a Mobi 30 user.

New Mobi Plan

1. What is Mobi 18 all about?

The new Mobi 18 is our cheapest Mobi plan yet with only $18 monthly fee. Mobi 18 bundle consists of 6GB Local Data with unlimited calls and SMS.

2. Who can register the new Mobi 18?

Mobi 18 is available for new registration and port-in (Switch to DST). Easi subscribers who wish to migrate to Mobi are also welcome.

3. How much is the registration fee for Mobi 18?

The fees that you need to pay upon registration are:

New/Port-in Registration

Easi to Mobi Registration

Deposit $18
(for both Bruneian and Non-Bruneian)
(for both Bruneian and Non-Bruneian)
Advance Rental $18 $18
Migration Fee $10
Total $36 $46

The total payment forNew/Port-in Registration is $36.
The total payment for Easi to Mobi Registration is $46.

4. How do I register?

You can register to Mobi 18 via or visit a DST branch near you or through our Sales Agents and Exclusive Dealers.

5. How do I purchase the data add-on for my Mobi 18?

You can purchase Mobi’s add-ons via MyDST app, or dial *433#.
Here are the add-ons available for all our Mobi plans:


$3 $5 $10 $20 $10 $20 $40


1GB 2GB 6GB 12GB 5GB 10GB 20GB


1 Day 3 Days 7 Days 7 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
6. What happens if I have fully utilized the data bundle for myMobi18?

Once your data usage has reached 100%(6GB local data bundle), you can purchase Mobi’s add-ons via MyDST app, or dial *433#. Without subscribing data add-on, you will be chargedby pay-per-use basis with the rate of $0.01/200kb.

7. Will I be notified regarding my data add-on package usage utilization?

Yes, you will be notified via SMS once your add-on has been utilized by 80%, and when you have fully utilized it (100%).

You can also monitor your data usage via USSD *433# or MyDST app from time to time.

8. How do I check my data add-on package balance?

You can check your data add-on package balance via MyDST app, or dial *433#.

9. Is Mobi 18 available with contract devices?

Mobi 18 contract with device is currently only available for Switch to DST (Port-in) Registration.

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