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Freedom Bundle

Browse, stream and stay connected on the Go with our Freedom bundle!

Our Freedom Bundle is available with the following Freedom Plans:

Freedom Bundle


Freedom 28


Freedom 48


Freedom 68


One-Month Advance rental

$ 28

$ 48

$ 68


Local Personal: $ 28

Foreign Personal: $56

Local Personal: $ 48

Foreign Personal: $96

Local Personal: $ 68

Foreign Personal: $136

Upfront Payment for Pocket WiFi

$ 0 (FREE)

$ 0 (FREE)

$ 0 (FREE)


24 months

24 months

24 months

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Terms & Conditions:

•Subject to stock availability.
•For Walk-in purchases, the Pocket WiFi is available at all DST Branches except DST Temburong Branch

Frequently Asked Questions

Freedom Bundle

1. Is the Freedom device bundle available for everyone?

The Freedom Bundle is available for existing, new registration and Switch to DST customers. This Bundle is applicable for Personal Accounts only.

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2. Will I be subscribed to a contract period if I get the Freedom device bundle?

You will be subscribed to a 24-months contract with the Freedom Bundle.

3. Is this bundled package applicable for all Freedom plans?

The Freedom Bundle is applicable for Freedom 28, Freedom 48 and Freedom 68 only.

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4. How long will this promotion last?

This promotion is currently ongoing and is on a first come first serve basis, while stock lasts.

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5. Are there any specific requirements to Switch to DST?

1. You can still Switch to DST even when you have an ongoing contract with your current provider.
2. Please ensure you do not have any overdue outstanding bill (outstanding more than 30 days) with your current service provider.You can subscribe to our Infinity plan if your outstanding bill is still not due (outstanding less than 30 days). Example: Your bill is due on 15th September. You can Switch to DST anytime before 15th September. If you decide to Switch after 15th September and you have not paid your bills, you will need to settle your outstanding before you can Switch to DST.
3. You don’t need to contact your service provider.

6. Where can I subscribe to the Freedom device bundle?

You can register to our Infinity at:
1. DST Website here
2. DST Branches – Location
3. DST Exclusive Dealers. Learn More.
4. DST Sales Agents

7. How much is the registration fee for Freedom Bundle?

Please refer to the table below for the registration fees to our Freedom device bundle;

Freedom 28 Freedom 48 Freedom 68
One-Month Advance rental $28 $48 $68
Deposit Local Personal: $28
Foreign Personal: $58
Local Personal: $48
Foreign Personal: $96
Local Personal: $68
Foreign Personal: $136

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8. I am currently subscribed to Freedom 18; will I be able to upgrade to Freedom 28 and get the device bundle?

You can upgrade your plan to Freedom 28 or higher and subscribe to our 24 months contract to get the Freedom Bundle

9. I am currently subscribed to Freedom 48; will I be able to downgrade to Freedom 28 with the device bundle and will there be any charges?

You can downgrade your Freedom 48 to Freedom 28 with the Freedom Bundle. There will be no charges for this downgrade.

10. I am currently subscribed to Mobi 50; will I be able to migrate to the Freedom bundle and keep my number at the same time?

You can change your Mobi plan to a Freedom plan with the same number. However, you will need to terminate your current Mobi plan and clear out any outstanding bills before you can register to the Freedom Bundle

11. Is the a warranty for the Pocket WiFi?

Yes, the warranty period for the Pocket WiFi is 3 months

12. What should I do if I have encounter any issue with the Pocket WiFi?

If you have encountered any issues with the device, you may visit your nearest DST branch for further investigation. The replacement of a faulty device will depend on the investigation result.

Note: If you get a new Pocket WiFi replacement, your warranty will automatically end.