About Us

Datastream Digital (DST) is born out of an infrastructure carveout of Brunei’s telco industry transformation, which followed through with DST’s own major digital transformation exercise. Formally a full-service Mobile Network Operator and a full Mobile Service Provider to now, an asset light, customer focused digital first operator, in triple play mobile, fixed and all things digitally horizontal.


Now expanding from a mobile service provider to a fixed service provider, both Residential and Enterprise and mobile and fixed convergence play, DST remains the major telco player in Brunei. With the expansion of services to fixed, this is a developing area for growth.


Backed by its 25 years of traditional telco experience, and always transforming mindset, DST continues to build on its digital platform and will continue to build its ecosystem to provide digital services, providing value and convenience as a priority to its customers in Brunei, with a set vision to grow into the region as a digital service provider.

Datastream Digital Sdn Bhd

Tungku Link Rd, BE3619

 Email address: corporate@dst.com.bn

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