Mobi DST Postpaid

Kills Lag. Improves Stability. Significantly Improves Ping.

Switch or Sign up to Mobi, Infinity or Freedom today and enjoy the
chance to Maximize your Gaming Experience with DST WTFast!

Have some questions?

1. I’m interested in DST WTFast but I’m not a DST Subscriber yet, what should I do?

Simply Switch or Sign Up to our Mobi, Infinity or Freedom plan today and enjoy the chance to maximize your gaming experience with DST WTFast!

2. How much does it cost to Switch or sign up to DST?

The registration fee to sign up to DST include:

3. Are there any specific requirements to Switch to DST?

Just one! Please ensure you do not have any overdue or outstanding charges (more than 30 days late) for your current service provider.

Remember, you can Switch to DST even if you have another contract with a different provider. Plus, you don’t need to contact your service provider to Switch – we do that for you!

4. When can I buy the DST WTFast add-on?

When you Switch or sign up to Mobi, Freedom or Infinity, you can straight away select to purchase the DST WTFast add-on before submitting your sign up or Switch to DST request. It’s that simple!

5. Will I be entitled to the FREE trial?

You will only be eligible for the FREE trial if you Switch or Sign up to the following plans:

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