Rewards to Earn

$50 Cash

Reward applicable for Easi, Mobi, Freedom and Infinity Subscribers

Honor X6A

Reward applicable for
Mobi 30, Mobi 50 and Mobi 80 Subscribers

Realme C67

Reward applicable for
Mobi 50 and Mobi 80 Subscribers

Oppo A79

Reward applicable for
Mobi 80 Subscribers

Connect Together. Earn Together.

Refer your Friends and Families to Join DST and Earn Rewards Together.

How to get started?

Referring your friends and families couldn’t be easier.
All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. Refer a Friend

Invite your friend to join DST using your number as a referral code

2. Sign Up Online

Your friend needs to sign up to our 24-months contract plans through

3. Your Friend gets Rewarded

Your friend earns their reward upon the activation of their plan

4. You get Rewarded

After your friend’s plan has been activated, you will earn $50 cash!

Share the DST Love today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Refer a Friend all about?

Refer a Friend is a program that rewards you for referring your friends and families to sign up or switch to our Mobi, Freedom and Infinity 24-months contract plans.

Both you (‘Referrer’) and your friend (‘Referee’) will receive a reward. Refer below for the rewards you will receive.

2. How long will this program last?

This program is a 2-months long program starting from 7th March 2024 until 7th May 2024

3. What are the rewards for this program?

Both you and your friend will receive a reward upon the successful activation of your friend’s plan.

You will get a $50 cash reward for every successful referral you make.

Your friend’s reward will depend on which product they sign up to;

4. Who is eligible to participate in this program?

You (‘Referrer’) must be an existing DST customer.

Your friend (‘Referee’) must be a new customer that signs up or switches to any of our Mobi, Freedom or Infinity 24 months contract plans.

5. Which plans qualify for the reward?

Your friend must sign up or switch to the specific plans listed below for you and your friend to be eligible for the reward;

6. How can I refer my friends?

Here is your step by step guide to refer your friends and earn rewards:

a. Get your friends to sign up or switch to either Mobi, Freedom or Infinity 24-months contract plan via
b. Before submitting their registration, your friend will need to enter your number in the ‘REFER A FRIEND’ box
c. We will process your friend’s registration and keep you updated along the way
d. Once your friend’s plan has successfully been activated, you and your friend will receive your reward

7. What are the requirements for receiving the reward offered in this program?

Your friend is required to sign up or switch to our specified plans with a 24-months contract.

If your friend signs up or switches to other plans that are not listed, both you and your friend will not be eligible to receive the reward.

8. Is there a limit on the number of friends I refer to join DST?

No – you can refer as many friends as you want to join DST.

You will receive one reward for each successful referral. The more you refer the more reward you will receive.

9. How will me and my friend receive our reward?

Once your friend’s plan has successfully been activated, the $50 cash reward will be transferred to both you and your friend’s bank account.

As for your friend that signed up to Mobi, the FREE Phone will be delivered to their doorsteps.

10. Will I be able to downgrade my plan after I have successfully received my reward?

You will not be able to downgrade your plan within the 24-months contract period. If you still wish to downgrade your plan, you will need to pay our penalty fees (service/device contract penalty fee + an additional $50 fixed penalty fee for this program) for the early termination of your contract.

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