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Quota Based Plans

The Best Connection Wherever You Need It.

Inifinity-on-lightBusiness 38



20 Mbps


Inifinity-on-lightBusiness 58



50 Mbps


Inifinity-on-lightBusiness 98



50 Mbps


Inifinity-on-lightBusiness 148



100 Mbps



  • $10 per month is chargeable in addition to Infinity plans for fixed voice.
  • All the above plans are available with a 12-months contract and 24-months contract.
  • $50 installation fee applicable for Infinity 38, Infinity 58 and Infinity 98 plans with a 12-months contract.
  • Free installation for all Infinity plans with a 24-months contract.
  • The speed will be regulated to not higher than 128kbps for Infinity 38 and Infinity 58 upon reaching the monthly data.
  • The speed will be regulated to not higher than 1Mbps upon reaching 1300GB* or 2000GB**
  • Customers can purchase add-on data via the MyDST app or to experience regular data speed again.
  • DST Fair Usage Policy (FUP) applies.
  • Terms & Conditions apply.

Key Features and Benefits

Dedicated High Speed Internet connection make sure that you are always connected to your business.

Support a Variety of Services

Multimedia and other business transmissions.

Speed Diversity

Variable bandwidth including 20Mpbs, 50Mbps, 100Mpbs, 200Mbps and 500Mbps.


For companies who host their own web, email and FTP servers and who need firewall and VPN for some security.

Supported 24/7

Priority support.

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Infinity Business

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