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DSTPay is a digital mobile wallet application which allows you to make or initiate payment(s) and/or transaction(s). Upon successful registration, you will be eligible to apply for a digital co-branded virtual card on the Digital Wallet (“Virtual Card”).

You are entitled to use your Virtual Card to make transaction using your device by scanning a QRC (QR Code) displayed at any participating merchant outlets.

DSTPay Merchants

1. First Emporium Supermarket

2. Mykopitiam

3. The Emperor’S Court

4. M.S.Titanstar Enterprise

5. Datastream Digital Sb

6. Low San Hardware

7. M.S.B Enterprise

8. Bebeland Trading Company

9. Bata Store (Qr)

10. Aurora Cafe Tea Room

11. Keto (Olies Café)

12. Excapade Restaurant

13. Excapade Shokudo Restaurant

14. Ximply Chriz Café

15. Iskandar Curry House

16. Moms.Babies.Kingdom

17. Blue Restaurant & Grill

18. Blush Beauty & Hair Salon

19. Bloom Project Co

20. H.C.Cheong (Easyway)

21. Dil Coffeetrail Café

22. Abokado Japan Company

23. Mintlato – Happy Moo Enterprise

24. Sharqiaa @ Ismailaila Enterprise

25. Mobile World Enterprise

26. Citymobile Enterprise

27. Top Nosh Café

28. Hokko Trading Company

29. The Melting Pot Company

30. Essof Enterprise (QR)

31. Heartbead

32. Bloom Project Co.

33. Mov Corp Company (Ximivogue)

34. Icklebooks Company

35. Samay Restaurant

36. Berqat Foods

37. T.M.W Boba (B) Sdn Bhd

38. The Boss Gym

39. Jackhan

40. Inlineskatebn

41. Thebaristro

42. Best Eastern

43. Kofom Textile Company

44. Low San Hardware

45. Hua Ho (Kiulap & One City)

46. Brunei Hotel – B.Cafe & Baiduri HQ

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Will there be a physical card issued for DSTPay customers?

No, there will be no physical card issued to DSTPay customers.

2. What transactions can I do with DSTPay?

· Transfer of funds between E-Wallets (with another DSTPay user)
· Top-up DSTPay using your linked Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card
· Make purchases at any Baiduri QRC merchants
· Make purchases overseas where there is UnionPay QRC acceptance.

3. Where can I download DSTPay and how can I register?

You can download the latest version of the DSTPay app from your Google Play Store or App Store. One you have successfully downloaded DSTPay, please follow the following steps to register;

· Click “Register”
· Capture your IC – ‘Front’ & “Back” via Optical Character Recognition (“OCR”) technology
· Once the ID verification is successful then proceed to fill in all the required information
· Perform facial recognition check using Facial Recognition Technology (“FR”)
· Tick to confirm and review the Terms and Conditions
· Mobile verification is required
· Key in the Captcha Code displayed, Select the “Get via SMS” for the OTP code
· Login to the DSTPay App

4. Is there a minimum age requirement to register for DSTPay?

Yes, the minimum requirement is twelve (12) years of age and above at the time of registration.

5. Can Baiduri UnionPay Debit Cards be tied to foreign currency account(s) other than in Brunei Dollar account(s)?

No, your card can only be tied to a Brunei Dollar bank account.

6. Who can register for DSTPay?

To be eligible to register for DSTPay, the customer must be a Baiduri Bank customer.

7. Do I need to have an account with Baiduri Bank to register to DSTPay?

Yes, you are required to have an account with Baiduri Bank. You will also be classified into different Tiers depending on what type of Baiduri Debit Card you have.

8. How are Tier 1 and Tier 2 classified?

1) Tier 1
Baiduri customers who own a Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card that is used to bind to DSTPay.

2) Tier 2
Baiduri customer who owns any Baiduri card(s) other than a Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card.

9. Is DSTPay secure?

Yes, DSTPay is secured with 2-factor authentication, compliant with PCI-DSS requirements and can only be accessed by using your own username and password. It has touch ID recognition for Android and facial unlock function for IOS.

10. How many DSTPay accounts can I register for?

You can only register to ONE (1) DSTPay account and each account is only allowed to be linked to ONE unique mobile number and email address.

11. Can I use the DSTPay on more than one device?

Yes, you can log in to your DSTPay using another device but only one device can be used to perform a transaction at one time.

12. Where can I reload/top-up my DSTPay wallet?

For Tier 1 customer, you can top-up your DSTPay using your linked Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card.

For Tier 2 customer, you will only be able to receive funds via peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer from other DSTPay users.

13. Will I be charged for making a Fund Transfer?

Fund Transfers between E-Wallets are free.

14. How do I transfer funds from my DSTPay to another E-Wallet holder/DSTPay user?

· Log into your E-Wallet
· Select ‘Transfer’
· Input receiver ‘Registered Mobile Number’ and ‘Transfer Amount’
· Verify transfer details.
· Enter Payment Password
· Status of transfer process will be shown after payment password submission.

15. Are DSTPay payments accepted everywhere?

DSTPay can be accepted at any Baiduri QRC merchants locally and internationally where there is UnionPay QRC acceptance.

16. How do I identify DSTPay merchants?

You may find them by locating a ‘DSTPay accepted here’ sign locally or internationally where there is UnionPay QRC acceptance.

17. How do I use DSTPay and make payments using QR codes?

· Log into your e-wallet
· Select ‘Scan QR’
· There will be two modes of payment
· Key in the amount of purchase OR;
· Simply scan the QR code if you are not required to key in an amount
· Both the merchant and you verify the transaction details
· An acknowledgement page will show after completing the transaction.
· You will also receive notification to confirm that the transaction was successful.

18. How do I withdraw from my DSTPay?

· Log in your E-Wallet
· Select ‘Withdrawal’
· Select ‘Card for Withdrawal’
· Enter ‘Withdrawal Amount’
· Verify details.
· Enter ‘Payment Password’
· Status will be shown after payment password submission.

You can only withdraw to your bound Baiduri UnionPay Debit card. After withdrawal, you will be able to withdraw using your debit card at any ATM where UnionPay is accepted.

19. Are there any fees imposed for Withdrawal?

Yes, BND0.50 per withdrawal. For example, if the desired withdrawal amount is BND10.00, the funds that will be deducted from user’s E-Wallet is BND10.50. Cash Withdrawal is currently only able to be performed to a linked Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card.

20. Can I access DSTPay when I am overseas?

You can access DSTPay overseas provided you have a stable internet connection.

21. How do I use my DSTPay for online purchases?

You can use your DSTPay to purchase at websites that accept UnionPay QRC transactions.

22. What happens if my network is disconnected while performing a transaction?

If your network gets disconnected while performing a transaction and is not completed, the transaction will not be processed.

23. Can I view my Transaction History on DSTPay?

Yes, you can view your transaction history at;
• Recent Transactions
• Receive Money under Transfer History

24. What should I do if I forget my DSTPay password?

You can reset your password via the “Forgot Password” option in DSTPay.

25. What happens if the reload/top-up transaction is not reflected in my DSTPay account?

You can call DSTCare 151 to enquire.

26. What happens to my DSTPay wallet if I change my mobile number?

You need to visit any DST Branch and request to change your mobile number.

27. What should I do if I did not receive a notification after a purchase or transfer?

You can call DSTCare 151 to verify the transaction.

28. What if I encounter issues in using DSTPay?

If you encounter any issues relating to DSTPay, please call DSTCare 151.

29. What should I do if my mobile phone is lost or stolen? What will happen to my DSTPay?

Please call DSTCare 151 immediately to report the loss and to block your DSTPay E-Wallet from any unauthorized transactions.

30. Where do I report if my DSTPay virtual card is compromised or if I encounter any unauthorized transactions? Can I request to have it replaced?

Please call DSTCare 151 or visit your nearest DST branch.

31. Can I enroll/add more than one Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card in my wallet?

You may add at a maximum of two (2) Baiduri UnionPay Debit Cards that you own.

32. Will there be a notification sent to the customer to confirm on the top-up?

A notification will be sent for every successful top-up.

33. Once I have registered, can I change my personal details?

You can change your personal details by calling DSTCare 151 or at your nearest DST branch.

34. Can I top-up my wallet via online banking?

No, you can top-up using your linked Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card if you are an existing Baiduri customer.

35. Can I use other bank’s debit card to bind to my DSTPay?

No, you can only link a Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card.

36. What would happen if my Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card has expired or cancelled after I bind my card?

You will need to unbind your Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card and bind your valid Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card.

37. Are there any limits for DSTPay?

Tier 1

Transaction Limits (BND) – Baiduri Bank Customer With a Baiduri Unionpay Debit Card
Types Max Txn
Daily Txn Limit
Without to Baiduri Unionpay Debit Card 3 $1,000.00
P2P Transfer Out 15 $1,000.00
Bill Payment/Purchases
Top-up via Baiduri Unionpay Debit Card
P2P Transfer In 5 $1,000.00

Maximum stored value limit any given time is $1,000.00

Tier 2

Transaction Limits (BND) – Baiduri Bank Customer With No Baiduri Unionpay Debit Card
Types Max Txn
Daily Txn Limit
P2P Transfer Out 15 $100.00
Bill Payment/Purchases
P2P Transfer In 5 $100.00

Maximum stored value limit any given time is $500.00

38. Are there any annual or subscription fees?

Currently, there is no annual or subscription fee imposed.

39. Is there any Dormant Fee?

Yes, BND2 per dormant month. After 3 months of inactivity, a reminder is sent to e-wallet holder on months 4, 5 and 6. After 6 months of inactivity, account will turn dormant and the BND2 charged monthly for 3 months. After the 9th month of inactivity, the account will auto close if there is no balance.

40. Is there any re-activation Fee?

No, you only have to perform a transaction to activate your DSTPay.

41. Am I able to top-up via DSTCare 151?

No, you can only top-up within the DSTPay app provided you have linked your Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card.

42. Am I able to use a UnionPay Card from an overseas bank provider to link to DSTPay?

No, DSTPay will only recognize a UnionPay Debit Card issued by Baiduri Bank.

43. Can there be a standing instruction set for top-up from my Baiduri Union Pay Debit Card to DSTPay?

No, there is no such feature available.

44. What would happen if I do not receive a notification in my DSTPay for a successful transaction?

You may call DSTCare 151.

45. Can I register for DSTPay if I only have a passport?

No, valid Brunei Identity Card required for the registration.

46. Will I have to register again if I accidentally deleted my DSTPay app?

No, you only need to re-download the app and log in with your registered mobile number and password.

47. What is the benefit of DSTPay?

• Secure Payment
• User friendly
• Quick transfer of funds
• Convenient – virtual withdrawal and cashless shopping
• Easy Access
• Added Incentives during promotional periods.

48. Is there any termination fee for terminating my DSTPay account?

There is no termination fee for DSTPay and you can terminate your account anytime at your own convenience. We kindly advise you to transfer your remaining balance to your linked Baiduri UnionPay Debit Card prior to terminating your DSTPay account.

49. How can I terminate my DSTPay account?

You will need to contact our DSTCare 151 to terminate your DSTPay account.