Supersized Infinity Port-In Offers

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Check out our Infinity Home Fibre Plans below:

Plan Quota Revision Bandwidth
Infinity 58  500 GB 20 Mbps
Infinity 78 700 GB 20 Mbps
Infinity+ 78 500 GB 50 Mbps

*Plans come with free installation

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What has been changed to Easi’s add-on data packages?

The data quota for add-on packages with 30-days validity has been revised. Listed below is the revised
Easi add-on data quota:

Price Add-on data packages Supersized data add-on packages
$10 2 GB  3 GB
$20 5 GB  7 GB
$25 7 GB  9 GB
$40 10 GB  12 GB
2. Is this revision permanent or is it a promotion?

The Supersized data quota for the 30-day Easi Add-On packages is a promotion which is valid for 3 months starting from 8th May 2020 until 7th August 2020

3. How do I purchase the revised add-on data quota packages?

You can purchase the revised add-on data quota by dialing the USSD code *133# or via MyDST app or
website at

4. How do I check my add-on data package balance?

You can check your add-on data package balance by dialing the USSD code *133# or via MyDST app or
website at

5. Will I be able to purchase 2 add-on data packages at the same time?

No, you are only allowed to purchase one (1) add-on data package at a time.

6. I am currently subscribed to Combo8 (valid for 7-days) and I just purchased an add-on data of 3GB (valid for 30-days). Which data bundle will be utilized first?

The one with the shorter remaining validity period will be utilized first. In this case, the Combo8 will be
utilized first.

7. I had purchased a 5GB add-on data valid for 30-days on 5th May 2020. Will my data quota be automatically increased to 7GB after 8th May 2020?

No, the Supersized add-on data quota only applies to purchases made on and after 8th May 2020. Any
ongoing data add-ons that were purchased before 8th May 2020 will not be changed.

8. Will I be able to cancel my add-on data package subscription?

No, once you have purchased an add-on data package you will not be able to cancel it.

9. Will my add-on data package subscription be renewed automatically?

No, the add-on data package subscription will not be automatically renewed upon its expiry.

10. Will I be able to use my add-on data package if my credit balance is zero?

Yes, you can still utilize your add-on data package if your credit balance is zero.

11. Will I be notified if I have fully utilized my add-on data package?

Yes, you will be notified via an SMS notification once your add-on is utilized by 50%, 80%, and once again
when you have fully utilized it (100%).