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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s new with Freedom?

We have SuperSized all of our Freedom plans with MORE DATA and introduced our newest Freedom plan – Freedom 88!

Not only that! Our Freedom Contract Plans now come with More Data and Monthly Discounts! That’s right! You can now choose to get more data monthly or pay less monthly. Here’s what you’ll get:

2. Will my Freedom plan be SuperSize as well?

Yes – your Freedom plan will be upgraded with the new SuperSized plan on your next bill cycle.

3. How will I know if my Freedom has been SuperSized?

You will receive an SMS and Email notification on your new SuperSize Freedom plan. You can also check your upgraded data quota through the MyDST app

4. Is the Freedom SuperSized Plans permanent?

Yes – now you can enjoy Freedom with a SuperSize upgrade!

5. Are the Freedom plans available for everyone?

Everyone is welcome to sign up to our new SuperSize Freedom plans.

Sign up to our 24-months contract, you’ll be able to choose and get More Data or Pay Less every month!

6. Is there a minimum contract period?

Yes – when you sign up to the Freedom with More Data or Pay Less plan, the contract period is 24 months.

7. Are the contract plans available with all Freedom Plans?

Yes – the contract plans are available with all Freedom plans

8. If I sign up to the Freedom contract plans, when will my plan be changed?

Your plan will be changed on your next bill cycle and when you agree to subscribe to the More Data or Pay Less contract plan, your bill cycle will automatically be changed to the 1st of the month.

9. Will I be able to subscribe to the new contract plan while I still have an active contract from the Freedom with Device Bundle?

You can subscribe to the new contract plan while still under an active contract but you will need to pay a penalty fee for the early termination of the contract.

10. Will I be able to upgrade my Freedom plan while I’m still under a Freedom contract plan?

Yes – you can upgrade your plan while you are still under a contract. You will need to pay an additional deposit according to your new Freedom plan.

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